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D-Baug History

The Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department (D-BAUG) was founded on 1 October 1999 by a merger of the Civil Engineering Department (Dept. II) with the Cultural Technology and Surveying Department (Dept. VIII), as well as the Civil and Environmental and Geodetic Sciences departments.

In the three bachelor and four masters degree programmes in Civil Engineering (CE), Environmental Engineering (EE), Geomatics and Planning (GP) as well as Regional Development and Infrastructure Systems (REIS; only MSc), D-BAUG wants to give students an in-depth, sound understanding of the basics and empower them to find complex solutions, even outside the norm, to ensure sustainable safety and usability of infrastructural systems and the environment.

Graduates should be equipped to take on executive management positions in industry, professional practice and with authorities. The content of the former programmes of study in cultural technology and surveying are covered in updated form in the new courses. D-BAUG is also responsible for further training programmes (MAS, DAS, CAS) such as spatial planning, spatial information systems, sustainable water resources (SWR) and traffic engineering.

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