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We are pleased that you are interested in applying for a doctorate at ETH Zurich. You may find general introductory and cross-faculty information on issues like registration, arrival and accommodation on the ETH main page. home page

If you would like to focus your doctorate on engineering sciences in Civil, Environmental or Geomatics Engineering, then stay on our D-BAUG Department page.

Regarding the various scientific disciplines within D-BAUG, the easiest way to find what you are looking for is via the web pages of our 10 institutes.

Overview of a Doctorate at the Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering Department (D-BAUG)

A doctorate is the primary way of continuing a scientific education at ETH. The research institutes of the Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering Department offer a great many opportunities for research as well as writing your doctoral thesis. Simultaneously, work as a teaching assistant or scientific research assistant allows for individual specialisation in close contact with a professor.

A requirement for direct admission to a doctorate at D-BAUG is a diploma or master’s degree from ETH or an equivalent diploma awarded by another university in Switzerland or abroad. In all other cases, there will be additional requirements like e.g. qualifying exams.

You may start your doctorate at any time (i.e. it is not semester-dependent). The maximum period between provisional admission and completion of the doctorate is 6 years. Exceptional circumstances justifying extension of the maximum period are as follows: pregnancy, illness or other incapacity to work, or a change in doctoral supervisor.

It should be noted that your official application for a doctorate must be submitted in addition to signing a working contract with a professor and ultimately the HR department of D-BAUG. The doctoral administration office at the Rectorate, ETH main building (HG) at the ETH Centre, is in charge of this. All relevant details can be found by following this link.

Once your doctorate has officially started, the following milestones on the way to the award of a doctorate will be processed at the 4 annual meetings of the Doctoral Committee:

  • requests for qualifying exams
  • requests for a doctorate outside of ETH
  • approval of research plans
  • approval of co-supervisors
  • proposals for special recognition of a doctoral thesis

The legal basis for a doctorate is formed by the following, in descending order of precedence:

Also: D-BAUG-specific rules

The D-BAUG Doctoral Administration Office is your first point of contact for all issues concerning the doctorate. It deals with all official requests for the Doctoral Committee Meetings. Your contact person is: Ms Karin Schneider.

The Doctoral Committee acts on behalf of the Department Conference (DK) and reports to it regularly. The committee currently comprises the following members:

Meeting Dates Doctoral Committee D-BAUG:

in ( ): deadline for submission of documents

  • 12 September 2017
    (30 August)
  • 5 Dezember 2017
    (22 November)
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