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Registration for the doctoral examination is subject to the consent of the supervisor and after consultation with the co-supervisors. In concrete terms, this means:

1st Step:  @ D-BAUG, i.e. Department Level:

Clarifying timeline and responsibilites
in conjunction with examination: @ Doctoral Administration D-BAUG, Karin Schneider.

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Again, also in this context, your immatriculation date plays a key role:

prior to 1 July 2016:
The previous paragraph 4.2 "Co-Examiners" of the previous "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" (PDF, 89 KB), version 01.11.2013 is applicable.

For information about the drafting of examiners’ reports, please visit the website of the Doctoral Administration Office of the Rectorate.

Confirmation of Credits on Registration Form

In order to certify 12 credits, all relevant documents must be submitted in the original to the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG.

You will receive confirmation on the exam registration form (PDF, 479 KB).

Cumulative Thesis: Requirements Fulfilled?

Before compiling a cumulative thesis (paper thesis), please have a careful read through all the information on the ETH main page, "Doctoral Thesis", "Cumulative Doctoral Thesis" (scroll towards the bottom of the page).

In addition, there are D-BAUG rules on paper theses that need to be observed carefully. -- Yet again, in this context, if you were matriculated prior to 1 July 2016, then the previous "Additional Provisions of D-BAUG", version 01.11.2013, will apply: Section 5.3, "Paper Dissertation" (PDF, 89 KB). (PDF, 89 KB)

Before you can register for your doctoral examination, your supervisor must certify in writing that your doctoral thesis meets all of the conditions listed in point 5.

2nd Step: @ the Doctoral Administration of the Rectorate:

with the Doctoral Administration Office of the Rectorate in the main building of ETH Centre, needs to be done no later than 12 working days before your examination date.

Take the following with you:

  1. registration form (with credit point confirmation)
  2. separate curriculum vitae
  3. 1 hardcopy of your doctoral thesis = exam copy.
    The examination copy must be identical with the pdf-version that you submit to the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG 6 weeks prior to your examination date.

Before printing your doctoral thesis, please check out the ETH home page for further information, i.e. on how to create the front page etc.

Details about the Organisation and Conduct of Your Doctoral Examination
(Things to Do) (PDF, 41 KB)

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Examination Committee

The examination committee consists of your supervisor, the co-supervisor(s) and the examination chairperson. This is usually the Director of Studies for the general field of research of your doctoral thesis: See also list of members of the Doctoral Committee D-BAUG (PDF, 11 KB).

Please ensure that the minimal number of examination commmittee members obliged to attend in person is guaranteed:

  • chairperson
  • supervisor
  • at least 1 co-examiner

Directive: Physical Presence during Doctoral Examinations

In other words: Not all members of the Examination Commitee have to travel to Zurich. Also for reasons of environmental protection, co-examiners can be beamed in via video conference. Please note: Skype is not allowed.

In order to organise a video conference, please contact Christopher of the ID-Multimedia Service. See "Examination Room".



Examination Date

You should set the date for your doctoral examination as soon as possible, with notice of 3–6 months. Contact all members of the Examination Committee at the same time and do not forget to include the chairperson. Generally, this is the

Examination Room

Ensure that you book a suitable room with a beamer in good time , and also communicate the location of the room to the

Please note: Skype is not allowed as a means of video conferencing.

If you plan a video conference, please contact ID Multimedia Service, Mr Christopher Sauder Engeler, .ch. Please inform the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG (K. Schneider) of the exact room details and the person who will participate via video.


Written Reports

The report of the supervisor and the co-supervisors is requested for by Ms. Karin Schneider of the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG no later than 6 weeks before your exam date, on the condition that the following documents have been submitted to her:

  1. pdf-version of your doctoral thesis = exam version
  2. written confirmation that pdf-version and exam copy (hardcopy for the Rectorate) are or will be identical.
  3. separate declaration (DOCX, 90 KB) of your personal contribution (PDF, 107 KB) to the thesis (according to Section 5 of the new "Additional Provisions" D-BAUG, 01.07.2016).
  4. list of all current email addresses of your examination committee (i.e. supervisor and all co-examiners)

The members of the Examination Committee are given 3 weeks to produce their reportt. This means that the report must be sent to the Doctoral Administratio D-BAUG pproximately 3 weeks prior to date of the examination.

Information about the reports (PDF, 31 KB) is available on the site of the Doctoral Administration Office of the Rectorate, but will be made available to the examination committee in summarised form 6 weeks prior to the exam date.

For your information: Your exam date cannot be finally confirmed unless the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG has received all reports.

Exam Copy of Your Thesis

Take this exam copy with you to register for the exam at the Doctoral Administration of the Rectorate, ETH Centre. -- You'll get it back, toether with a confirmation of your exam registration. -- Exam copy plus confirmation should reach the Doctoral Administration D-BAUG, either delivered personally or by internal mail.

Invitation to the Doctoral Examination

The invitation to your doctoral examination will be sent out to you and all members of the Examination Committee as well as to the Department Conference around 10 days prior to the exam date, pending the timely submission of all written reports.

Oral Examination

As of 1 July 2016, the oral doctoral examination is semi-public. All elements surrounding this event are stipulated in the new "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" of 1 July 2016, Section 7.0 (PDF, 107 KB) and apply to all doctoral students, regardless of their immatriculation date.

After Your Doctoral Examination

Every single administrative step after your doctoral examination is clearly outlined under "Final Steps".

You will find out about the Department Conference, the Promotion Day and everything you need to observe in conjunction with the 3 Deposit Copies.

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