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Do you want to take on a new doctoral student? Do you have questions surrounding the supervision of a doctoral thesis (incl. special conditions after emeritus status)? Would you like to see a summary of the individual administrative steps relating to a doctorate? Then visit the corresponding section on the ETH intranet under TEACHING, Doctoral Administration Office. There you will find all relevant forms and information sheets.

The keywords listed hereunder require your special attention.
Important: Your doctoral student's date of matriculation plays a decisive role in this context:

- prior to 1 July 2016: Please observe Transitional Elements of "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" (PDF, 141 KB). Apart from those and if matriculated after 1 July 2016, please observe the new "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" (PDF, 107 KB) of 01.07.2016.

  • Appointment of Co-Examiners:
    You, as doctoral supervisor, must submit a written, substantiated application for approval by the doctoral committee. An e-mail with contact details and attached curriculum vitae of the specialist requested is sufficient. Please apply to the doctoral administration at D-BAUG:
    Term of appointment of 1st co-examiner: Three years after provisional admission.

  • Examiners’ report on the doctoral thesis:
    There are always questions to be answered on this. We should refer you to the information for internal use reports for supervisors and co-supervisors (PDF, 31 KB) of the Doctoral Administration Office of the Rector's Office.

  • Doctoral thesis after approval by the Department Conference:
    The title and content of a thesis cannot be changed after their approval by the Department Conference.


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