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All doctoral candidates must submit a research plan within 12 months of their provisional admission.
(Exception: If qualifying exams are still to be taken, this period shall be extended by a few weeks, and the due date then set is marked in the official decree.)

Because the Doctoral Committee (PDF, 11 KB) must approve your research plan, it is worthwhile taking the 4 annual meetings into account in your time planning (see grey box on far right side). Final admission (subject to compliance with all the conditions for admission) to your doctorate is granted after approval of your research plan, for which you require the following form (PDF, 28 KB).

Detailed information on the content of your research plan can be found in the Addtitional Provisions D-BAUG to the Doctoral Studies Ordinance of ETH Zurich.

In this context, your immatriculation date as a doctoral student plays a key role:

prior to 1 July 2016, then please check out table of conents for your research plan under 3.2 of the previous "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" (PDF, 89 KB), version 01.11.2013.

as of 1 July 2016, then please check out table of conents for your research plan under 3.2 of the new "Additional Provisions D-BAUG" (PDF, 107 KB) of 1 July 2016

The points listed in section 3.2 "Content of Research Plan" are to be outlined in chapters and with separate subheadings and appropriate numbering. The sequence of the points must be adhered to, in order to allow for cross-checking with the plans of other candidates.

Also, note the special instructions for the following categories:

  •  "Schedule": representation in table/graph form essential.
  • "Expected Publications": Title of the target journal, approximate title of the publication, 2 – 3 sentences concerning content.
  • "Teaching Obligations": Please mention explicitly even if none are foreseen.

Your research plan plus approval form can be handed in to the D-BAUG Doctoral Administration Office during the following office hours (Wed & Fri 14:15 – 16:15 h) or, if need be, by special appointment. Your plan will be checked for formalities and presented to the doctoral committee at the next meeting. After each committee meeting, you will be informed whether your research plan has been adopted unchanged, or whether any changes or additions are to be made (contact: Karin Schneider).

Should the submission of your research plan be delayed, a substantiated application for extension of deadline (PDF, 71 KB) must be submitted to the D-BAUG Doctoral Administration.

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