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Our Department covers many interesting topics in teaching and research but also in our numerous labs and workshops, but – let us face it – many items never become visible from outside. That is why we would like to show each other some of our most exciting assets and projects to give an inside into what we are doing.

With the event D-BAUG inside, our Department presents itself to its co-workers for the first time with a two-hour event that gives an overview on the Department and an insight into its hidden domains. At the end, we will all meet in the "Bauhalle" for an extended aperitif.

Programme D-BAUG inside of 17 May 2017

Time h What
> 15.40 Arrival participants at HIL E 3
  Name tags (name, institute, groups A-M)
  Voucher for goodie/present
(will be given at Apéro in HIF construction hall)

Part 1  — Lecture hall HIL E 3 (all)

Time h What Speaker
16.00 Welcome, introduction, organisation and key persons D-BAUG
Prof. Thomas Vogel
(in German and
partly in English)
16.10 Presentation of ASB Max Didier
(in English)
16.15 Presentation of «Technical-administrative Personnel» (TAP) Dominik Werne
(in German)
16.20 Presentation HR D-BAUG Corina Niescher,
Kana Scarantino
(in German)
16.25 Gender & Diversity   Prof. Thomas Vogel,
Regula Oertle
(in German)
16.30 Research project
«Avalanches, Reflectors and Invention»
Example of an optimal cooperation between research and technical support
Prof. Irena Hajnsek,
Dr. Silvan Leinss,
Cornelius Senn
(in German)

Part 2  —  Guided tours through laboratories and workshops
                 of D-BAUG (groups A-M)

Time h What
16.40 Gathering of the 13 groups A-M à 10-20 persons
in front of the lecture hall HIL E 3
(group leaders with sign)
16.50 Arrival at the location of the HIL or HIF facilities
Guided tours, visits, demonstrations
17.40 End of tours & visits

Part 3  —  Apéro Riche (all)

Time h What
> 17.40 Meeting in the HIF construction hall for the apéro
>17.45 Apéro Riche / presentation of different
Dept. Konf. groups (PR, marketing)
Handing over of goodie (little present)
~19.00 End of Event «D-BAUG inside»
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