ETH Board appointed Eleni Chatzi as Professor


Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi (*1981), currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich, has been appointed by the ETH Board as Associate Professor of Structural Mechanics.

Prof. Dr. Eleni Chatzi

Eleni Chatzi’s award-winning research, for which she received an ERC Starting Grant in 2015, deals mainly with structural health monitoring and damage detection, identifying and regulating nonlinear structural systems, smart sensor technology, smart materials and structures, as well as structural dynamics and random vibrations.

Eleni Chatzi and her work are therefore an ideal complement to the research activities of the Institute of Structural Engineering.

By acting as a role model, she also makes the career of civil engineering more attractive to female students.

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Wed Aug 16 23:03:53 CEST 2017
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