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Massive expansions in intensive development for living space together with increasing urbanisation require major efforts in the building of new kinds of more efficient and more sustainable architectural infrastructure and systems, as well as in the preservation and re-purposing of existing structures.

Socio-technical systems, especially construction projects (office and residential buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, airports, administration buildings, etc.) and civil engineering projects (bridges, tunnels, power plants, etc.), transport systems (roads, railways, waterways, etc.), supply and disposal systems (water treatment plants, landfill sites, incinerators, etc.) as well as urban cultural landscapes are the focus of research.

Both the security and well-being of people and the development of society and the economy depend on the proper, reliable functioning of such systems and their integration into the environment. This requires not only accurate detailed design and scaling of the systems themselves, but in particular also their harmonisation into the natural context and protection against natural hazards.

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