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The Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering Department is one of the world's leading teaching and research units in the field of construction, environment and geomatic engineering sciences and the integration thereof.

Central to the activities of the Department is overall responsibility for structural systems and natural resources, in which, in particular, aspects of safety, ecology, form, economic feasibility and social processes are be taken into account and balanced against one another.

Mission Statement - "Smart engineered environment"

  • D-BAUG supports the responsible design of our living spaces with the help of new information and innovative solutions. The aim is to achieve sustainable and future-oriented development of built and natural environments.
  • The top-notch research carried out by D-BAUG creates the basis necessary for the planning, construction, operation and conservation of our infrastructure, and for the management and conservation of natural systems. It deals with the entire lifecycle and is based on the objectives of functionality, robustness, adaptability and integration capacity.
  • In its teaching activities, D-BAUG imparts an in-depth knowledge of mathematical and scientific principles, as well as of engineering-specific skills; particular attention is paid to the capacity for interdisciplinary discourse, management skills and critical thinking.
  • Members of D-BAUG cultivate a culture of respect for the individuality of everyone, constructive cooperation and the appreciation of all achievements.
  • D-BAUG is committed to the transfer of knowledge into practice and seeks dialogue with society, business and policymakers.
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