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Civil Engineering
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Civil Engineering

Civil engineers produce technologically, economically and ecologically sound solutions to meet the requirements of our society for functional and safe buildings, efficient transport systems, reliable and adequate water and power supplies and waste disposal.

More information on the Civil Engineering study programme

Environmental Engineering
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Environmental Engineering

Vital resources such as clean water, soil, and air are becoming increasingly scarce. This development is further reinforced by the ongoing global trend towards living in urban areas. The goal of Environmental Engineering is to manage vital resources such as water, soil, building materials, etc. in a sustainable manner while maintaining important, natural environmental systems. The curriculum in Environmental Engineering provides a broad foundation in natural sciences, engineering and social sciences essential for designing and managing these systems.
More information on the Environmental Engineering study programme

Geomatics Engineering and Planning
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Geomatic Engineering und Planning

Geomatic engineers build our habitat into digital models. They use a wide variety of measurement systems, data sources, and methods to capture geo-spatial information for analysis and visualization. The daily life, but also
the handling of the big challenges such as climate change, urbanization or nutrition would be unthinkable without them.
More information on the Geomatic Engineering und Planning study programme

Spatial Development & Infrastructure Systems

The population is growing, settlements are expanding and the demands on mobility are rising - but resources are limited. The best possible solutions for challenging spatial and transport planning problems have to be developed and implemented. The Master's degree programme imparts the skills needed to take on challenging and complex design tasks in the built spatial environment and its transport systems.
More information on the Spatial Development and Infrastructure Systems study programme

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