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Environmental Engineering
Field and tree in the Furttal (© Max Maurer, ETH Zürich)

Changing the World

Man is increasingly influencing his environment. Resources are becoming scarcer, natural habitats and their diversity of species are disappearing and the climate is warming as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases.

These trends pose major challenges for society in terms of sustainable use and development of our living space and industrial areas.

Environmental Engineering acts as the intermediary between the inevitable use of key resources, such as water, soil, air etc. on the one hand, and the preservation of valuable natural systems on the other. The study programme introduces future environmental engineers to the basics of natural, industrial and social science, essential to understanding, designing and managing these systems. It also promotes the ability to engage in dialogue with other disciplines and leads to integrated, networked and system-orientated thinking. The objective is for graduates to successfully deal with complex environmental, supply and disposal problems leading to an economically and socially responsible solution.

The Environmental Engineering study programme is based on the international Bachelor's/Master's system. Students are awarded a Bachelor's degree (BSc ETH Environmental Engineering) after six semesters. After a further four semesters, students can be awarded a Master's degree at the ETH Zurich with the title 'Master of Science ETH in Environmental Engineering'. This Master's title equates to the former diploma.

Bachelor Studies in Environmental Engineering
Protected open water public space at Furttal (© Max Maurer, ETH Zürich)


Students acquire a solid theoretical and methodological knowledge base in the Bachelor's degree.
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The Master's programme offers the option to specialise in a particular field. More information


A doctorate is the most important academic continuing education at the ETH. The research institutes of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering offer a wealth of opportunities for research and for writing a doctoral thesis in the field of Environmental Engineering. More information

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